Despite being in the heart of Silicon Valley, Vasili Triant couldn’t keep his midsize cloud-computing company, LiveOps Cloud, staffed. Jobs would open, but not enough qualified applicants would apply. Those hired often wouldn’t last a year before being poached by bigger firms that promised higher salaries and more lavish perks.

In September, after more than a decade in the Bay Area, the company relocated its headquarters to a suburb of Austin, Texas — a move growing common among its peers.

Along with household names like Google, Apple, Dropbox and Oracle — which all recently built or expanded major campuses in Austin — nearly two dozen Bay Area tech companies have reportedly relocated to Texas or opened outposts there since 2014. Thousands of residents made a similar trek throughout the 2000s, taking roughly $1 billion in taxable income out of California and into the Lone Star State, according to a Chronicle analysis of Internal Revenue Service data.

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